Understand the Human Behind the Device

User Behavior and User Network Intelligence

Moonsense helps customers detect the most sophisticated fraud schemes by providing immediate access to actionable signals and underlying granular source data for enhancing fraud detection without creating additional user friction.

Detecting The Most Difficult Fraud Types

Understand Digital Body Language

User Behavior and User Network Intelligence are the building blocks required to reveal the user's unique digital body language, similar to an individual's fingerprint. In a world where data breaches are common, the user's digital body language is uniquely capable of detecting the most challenging fraud typologies without adding user friction.

New Account Fraud (NAF)

Identity theft is one of the most common fraud types. During account creation, there is an expected pattern of behavior. By analyzing the user's digital body language, you can flag accounts that are different from what's normal (e.g., copy/pasting the user name)

Account Takeover (ATO)

When a user logs in with valid credentials, how do you know if they are the right person? By establishing an individual's baseline, you can quickly detect when an impostor is logging in and take additional actions to protect the account.

Automation Detection (BOT)

Losses compound as automation becomes prevalent. Human behavior is distinctly different from a bot when interacting with an application. Moonsense unlocks visibility into relevant attributes of the digital body language to flag bot activity.

Malware & Remote Access Tools

Scam victims are “socially engineered” into providing device access using remote access tools. With Moonsense behavioral insights such as touch events and device orientation you can flag fraudulent users.

Digital Body Language Analytics

Why Moonsense?

Moonsense is on a mission to level the playing field in the fight against online fraud. Lack of visibility into user interactions plays a big role in why fraud attacks are so successful and hard to deal with.

One integration unlocks access to both user behavioral and user network intelligence.

Fully Configurable

The Moonsense SDK is easy to integrate. You determine what data is captured, feature engineering and what is sent back for analysis.

Efficient & Resilient

Moonsense SDK’s require minimal resources with no impact to App performance. We keep up with OS and browser changes via timely revisions.

Reduce Fraud Losses

Enhance your fraud detection with new behavioral data, features and signals not 3rd party risk scores. Control over risk scoring leads to accurate detection and agility.

User Privacy

Moonsense provides powerful options for user data privacy to meet or exceed your privacy policies. No PII is ever collected.

About Moonsense

Infrastructure for Fraud Detection

A strong foundation for fraud detection requires user data ownership and baseline analytics capabilities. Risk scores and pre-built rules alone are insufficient to detect ever-changing fraud attacks. Companies are transitioning from end-to-end solution providers towards leveraging best-of-breed vendors. Moonsense provides customers with a deep understanding of the user through visibility into digital body language and actionable signals while preserving user privacy, deployment flexibility and without adding any user friction.

Our investors

Our investors

Moonsense has received the support of investment firms XYZ Ventures, Foothill Ventures, Sweat Equity Ventures, Race Capital and angel investors including John Lilly, Josh Wills, Sekhar Sarukkahi, and more.

Team experience

Team experience

With expert knowledge of mobile platforms and data infrastructure, Moonsense is made by developers for developers. Our founding team has developed and operated mission critical infrastructure at major global organizations including Amazon, Cloudera, Facebook, Twilio, Twitter, and VSCO.