Understand the Human Behind the Device

Risk Data Acquisition With Maximum Control

Moonsense delivers comprehensive real-world data for fraud detection and account security. Providing seamless integration with apps and services, we empower teams to process behavioral insights while maintaining control of user data.

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Rich Behavioral Data for Identity Verification

Protect Accounts and Transactions

Behavioral biometrics - how users behave and interact with devices and applications - is fundamentally changing account and transaction security. Each user’s unique pattern of behavior forms a virtual signature allowing teams to ensure the identity of the user, the security of the account or transaction, and even to streamline the user experience.

Flag Malware & Remote Access Tools

Scam victims are “socially engineered” into providing device access using remote access tools. With Moonsense behavioral insights such as touch events and device orientation you can flag fraudulent users.

Identify Mobile Emulators

Mobile device emulators spoof devices and mimic user behavior for account takeover. With Moonsense data, such as accelerator and gyroscope signals, you can easily identify fraudulent accounts.

Stop Social Engineering Scams

Bad actors try to influence users into providing device access. Moonsense insights will track unusual usage, such as atypical typing or login behavior, to help you crack down on these scams.

Guard Against Credential Theft

Mobile device and account credential theft are common. Moonsense helps you guard against fraud with data points across location, GPS, and accelerometer to identify suspected theft.

The Moonsense Solution

Telling User Stories with Behavioral Data

Gather behavioral data based on unique user interactions that tell a story of authentic behavior. The Moonsense SDK captures a user's journey of how they type, scroll, log in and elements of their environment. By unbundling the behavioral biometrics risk stack, your internal teams can manage custom internal analysis, privacy and control for reducing risk.

Designed for Developers

Behavioral Data Purpose-Built for Developers

The Moonsense SDK gives developers seamless access to physical environment and behavioral insights for building superior apps and services.

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import MoonsenseSDK

  publicToken: "ADD PUBLIC TOKEN HERE .."

var session: Session? = try? Moonsense.startSession(
   duration: 15,
  labels: ["label1", "label2"]

import io.moonsense.sdk.Moonsense


var session = Moonsense.startSession(
  listOf("label1", "label2")

import { Moonsense } from "@Moonsense/moonsense-web-sdk";

const moonsenseSdk = new Moonsense({
    publicToken: "ADD PUBLIC TOKEN HERE .."

const session = moonsenseSdk.startSesssion(15000);


Build your app with behavioral data designed for efficiency, control, and customization.

Zero Configuration

From integrating the Moonsense SDK to capturing and processing customer data, Moonsense setup is seamless and requires no configuration.

Efficient & Resilient

Built for resiliency, the Moonsense SDK is highly efficient and built to respond easily to developer requirements for app and service integration.

Cost Effective

Providing access to global infrastructure for data ingestion so your team doesn’t have to, Moonsense data is integrated with minimal engineering effort.

On-Device Feature Store

Built for internal teams that prioritize company security and user privacy, Moonsense provides advanced support for data processing and a unique feature store hosted securely on client devices.

About Moonsense

Moonsense is a next-generation risk data acquisition and management company.

We give enterprise customers the capabilities to incorporate greater understanding of the user into new and existing applications. Driven to make solutions for developers like ourselves, Moonsense prioritizes customer privacy and control.

Our investors

Moonsense has received the support of investment firms Foothill Ventures, Sweat Equity Ventures, and XYZ, and angel investors including John Lilly, Josh Wills, Sekhar Sarukkahi, and more.

Team experience

With expert knowledge of mobile platforms and data infrastructure, Moonsense is made by developers for developers. Our founding team has developed and operated mission critical infrastructure at major global organizations including Amazon, Cloudera, Facebook, Twilio, Twitter, and VSCO.