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Announcing Moonsense SDK: Behavioral Data For Fraud Prevention And Account Security

We are excited to announce the General Availability of the Moonsense SDK! This milestone represents the culmination of a year-long effort to build the best-in-class cross-platform behavioral data acquisition SDK to level up fraud prevention, abuse mitigation, and account security.

The Difficulty Of Collecting Behavioral Data

Companies have gone to great lengths to acquire the skills and tools they need to establish effective risk management strategies. While these strategies can vary, they all are predicated on a set of rules and some type of risk score. Ultimately, the effectiveness of the risk strategy is dependent on the quality of the inputs – the more comprehensive the user profile, the better the analysis and results are. 

With the Moonsense SDK, we’ve taken the responsibility to handle the inherent complexity of risk data collection and normalization to provide a solution that is very easy to integrate. Our technology enables risk data science teams to have access to powerful data streams that can be used to augment user profiles to significantly improve risk scoring performance across multiple use cases.

Using the Moonsense SDK, customers can capture granular behavioral signals ranging from typing patterns, interactions with form input fields, clicks, gestures, and mouse pointer events going all the way into precise measurements of device motion including environmental properties like the strength of Earth’s geomagnetic field.

Prevent New Account Fraud and Account Takeover

While there are many ways in which behavioral data can be used, the most important use cases belong to two distinct categories: account opening fraud and account takeover. Companies invest significant resources to protect themselves from these two large categories of fraud typologies.

Because the world of fraud and security is so dynamic and fast-paced and fraud typologies change with scale, in order to stay ahead of the dangers, the best organizations work in partnership with enterprise technology partners like Moonsense to create custom-tailored solutions that stop targeted attacks that evade the detection provided by generic black box fraud detection vendors.

Forging The Right Partnership

High-quality ingredients enable high-quality decisions. When in-house risk data science teams that deeply understand the business and customer needs can partner with a company that can help them acquire fine-grained first-party risk data they can more quickly and easily prevent fraud and manage risk. 

Moonsense has made it easy for product and data science teams to get started. Integrating the Moonsense SDK is straightforward and immediately unlocks new ways to describe in-app user behavior.

Enterprise-Ready Features

The Moonsense SDK is designed to meet the requirements of the largest organizations in financial services, risk management, identity verification, and beyond. The list of features includes:

  • Capture user sessions for different types of interactions and sensor types with a simple yet powerful client API
  • Track touch and pointer events from user interactions with a browser or the device screen
  • Capture typing and form fill input actions including text change, key press, and focus change events
  • Support high-frequency sensors including accelerometer, linear accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, and orientation
  • Track App lifecycle events whenever a user backgrounds or foregrounds the app or the browser tab
  • Permission tracking for sensors is available for any given session
  • Collect viewport size tracking including the orientation(portrait and landscape) information
  • Send custom events to associate additional metadata to a recorded session

From day one, we have been very diligent about every aspect of our product. We have carefully crafted every nuance of the SDK from data representation, to the operating efficiency, and the memory footprint.

For every release of the SDK, we run an extensive suite of tests (including unit, integration, and cross-platform data validation) that span a broad range of devices and operating systems to ensure the reliability and availability of the data captured.

Getting Started

The best place to get started is by reading our app integration guide and by reviewing the sample apps:

To get access to the SDK for evaluation please get in touch either by using our contact form or by emailing us at [email protected].

We want to thank our customers for their feedback that helped shape this release! We are confident this release can meet the requirements of leading organizations in financial services, identity verification, risk management, and beyond.

About Moonsense

Moonsense is a next-generation risk data acquisition and management company. We give enterprise customers the capability to incorporate a greater understanding of users into new and existing applications to prevent targeted fraud, mitigate abuse and improve account security.

Moonsense unbundles the traditional enterprise risk stack to put in-house fraud & risk teams back in control of customer data. Moonsense provides zero-configuration behavioral data acquisition, cloud data management, and on-device feature engineering.