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Moonsense: Future-Proof Fraud Detection and Complete Data Ownership

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses face increasingly complex fraud threats. Standard KYC identity verification best practices prove to be insufficient for stopping bad actors and various forms of abuse that generate financial losses.

At Moonsense, we recognize that behavioral analytics and user data ownership are the cornerstone components of an effective fraud prevention strategy, one that seamlessly integrates best-of-breed vendors without over-reliance on a few black-box end-to-end solution providers.

We are thrilled to announce a suite of new capabilities that bolster our existing fraud detection product offering, including a self-guided demo experience, allowing you to discover the power of Moonsense at your own pace.

Expanding the capabilities of the Moonsense SDK

An important milestone in our journey was the successful launch of the Moonsense SDK in 2022. This best-in-class cross-platform behavioral data acquisition SDK was designed to enhance fraud prevention, abuse mitigation, and account security. It tackled the challenges of collecting and normalizing user behavioral data, enabling businesses to aggregate comprehensive user profiles for improved risk-scoring accuracy across multiple use cases.

Going a step further, the Moonsense SDK empowered customers to capture granular behavioral signals, such as typing patterns, interactions with form input fields, clicks, gestures, and mouse pointer events. It even delved into precise measurements of device motion, including environmental properties like the strength of Earth’s geomagnetic field.

Simplifying Data Management Across Its Entire Lifecycle

Building on the success of the Moonsense SDK, we further invested in Moonsense Cloud, our turnkey data ingestion and management offering. Moonsense Cloud emphasizes data ownership and simplifies data management across its entire lifecycle, empowering businesses to take control of their fraud detection strategies.

A key component of Moonsense Cloud is the Feature Store, which provides an extensive set of features that can be utilized to develop custom risk-scoring models tailored to your organization’s unique needs. Additionally, Moonsense Cloud offers a comprehensive data management solution with a multi-regional architecture for low latency global data ingest, governance tools for data management such as access controls and data retention settings, and support for webhooks and data querying APIs.

To facilitate seamless integration with your existing infrastructure, Moonsense Cloud provides direct integration with data warehouses like Google Cloud BigQuery via Shared Views for offline analytics and risk model training. This comprehensive approach ensures that your organization can effectively manage and analyze data, driving more accurate and efficient fraud detection.

On The Horizon: Personalized Models & Embeddings

As we look ahead, our roadmap is focused on providing a seamless product experience that allows our customers to map out their user funnel and identify critical interaction points. Using this information as input, we aim to streamline the process of training personalized risk scoring models using an AutoML-based approach, eliminating the need for costly professional services.

Our vision for the future of fraud detection involves harnessing sophisticated machine learning techniques, initially designed for natural language processing (NLP), to analyze user digital body language. This includes utilizing embeddings for similarity scoring, anomaly detection, and as inputs into classifiers for different customer-provided labels.

By combining the power of NLP techniques with user behavior analytics, we aim to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of fraud detection systems, ensuring that businesses remain protected from ever-evolving threats in the digital landscape.

Experience Moonsense

Moonsense is a groundbreaking behavioral data analytics company dedicated to transforming the fraud prevention landscape. By harnessing the power of AI/ML and user behavioral intelligence, we equip businesses with innovative solutions to protect themselves from emerging threats.

Our unique approach empowers organizations with the tools needed to develop customized risk-scoring models, effectively combat fraud, and minimize costs while maximizing adaptability and flexibility.

Discover the power of Moonsense for yourself – register today to explore our interactive demo and gain first-hand experience with our data as it describes your actions in real time.