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Moonsense Recorder – Build Live Prototypes Faster

Moonsense unlocks the power of sensors, allowing you to integrate apps and services with the physical world, creating new innovation possibilities to dramatically improve products.

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At Moonsense, we are on a mission to change how organizations develop environment-aware products. With decades of experience as builders, we’ve seen firsthand how better developer tools have improved the development process to make it consistently easier and faster.

We are excited to announce today we are releasing the Moonsense Recorder. The first application of its kind that helps developers and data scientists quickly deliver live prototypes that use data from the sensors that are already part of the Android and iOS devices we carry with us everywhere.

The Recorder app is designed to accelerate and de-risk the research & development phase of new project initiatives as a component of the Moonsense Cloud. Through sensors, we bridge the context gaps between the digital and the physical.

Why Moonsense

Sensors are transforming how we build software. The best apps and services are connected to sensor data streams that make them aware of the external environment in the same way we perceive it as humans while in motion, at home on a couch while using an app to do online shopping or when engaged in a fitness activity.

Acquiring data from sensors, managing it on the device, and reliably sending it to cloud services and data warehouses is still a monumental problem. Apps with real-world perception capabilities require building and maintaining sensor data infrastructure, which is complex, time-consuming, and outside of core business logic.

Developers have learned not to build what they can leverage through SaaS (e.g. Twilio, AWS, etc.), which has streamlined the development process and provided new capabilities that enhance apps. And yet, companies are constantly reinventing the wheel when they build infrastructure for sensor data. The time and resources it takes to hire a team of experts in order to build and maintain this infrastructure creates significant overhead for companies and is often a barrier for many developers which hinders innovation.

Mobile devices are by far the largest standard sensor platforms out there, and they are likely to become the conduit for wearables and other devices & sensors (e.g. cars, IoT, etc.). As of today, we have this incredible technology in our pockets that is underutilized. Moonsense believes there’s an opportunity to redefine what we know to be possible with these sensors.

The Team

The founding team brings decades of experience developing mission-critical infrastructure products for multiple layers of the stack. We have a fundamental motivation to make developers as productive as possible and help organizations bring products to market efficiently.

How can we follow the transformation started with developer tools over the last decade to keep the best minds focused on building? AND how can we capture the full power of what sensors everywhere represent? The data they capture is currently under-analyzed, under-applied. We knew we had to build Moonsense: to raise the bar when it comes to sensing and understanding the world. The Recorder is the first in a series of steps we have coming.

Introducing the Moonsense Recorder

Today we are excited to invite you to install and use the Moonsense Recorder, a mobile application available for Android & iOS that allows you to record data from multiple sensors, store & label it for analysis, and gives you the ability to build live prototypes faster.

Similar to how a picture is worth a thousand words, a live prototype can speak volumes about how impactful a concept is and gather support from multiple groups within the organization. Imagine how different a conversation would be if the executive you are working to convince to fund a project can actually try your prototype next time they engage in the relevant real-world activity.

At its core the Moonsense Recorder allows you to:

  • Record: It takes just one tap to collect data from the sensors of your device while engaged in a real-world activity.
  • Organize: We provide the cloud infrastructure required to securely store & label your recording sessions. As the data streams from the device, you can access real-time summary statistics in the Moonsense Cloud web console.
  • Prototype: You can connect your backend & data processing logic to deliver prototypes that anyone in the organization can try and give feedback on.

As part of our initial launch, we are providing you with predefined recording profiles for mobility use cases, fraud & risk, and fitness applications.

In Mobility, the Recorder app can be used to characterize the motion of cars, humans, airplanes, and anything in between. So much of our world is in motion and there is often a mobile device tagging along for the ride.

In Fraud & Risk, through the Recorder app, you can explore how you can integrate signals from the real world into your fraud detection models. That is useful for synthetic identity detection, account takeover prevention, and many other use cases.

In Fitness, the recorder can be used to characterize how people engage in physical activities with the goal of helping them stay active, fit, and healthy.

The possibilities are endless and so far we have barely scratched the surface. We’re excited to talk to the developer community about all the use cases they can dream up.

Introducing the Moonsense Cloud

The Recorder App is connected to the Moonsense Cloud, a global software as a service offering designed to securely store and organize sensor data and make it easily accessible to be used for analytics, data science, and machine learning.

The Moonsense Cloud acts as a bridge between mobile devices and your backend services and data infrastructure. Through our personalized Console, we give you instant visibility into streaming data and easy access to real-time summary statistics (minute level counters and cumulative distribution functions).

Privacy & Information Security

To us, trust is everything. Privacy & Information Security are core to everything we do at Moonsense, starting from the Recorder App and going all the way into how data is sent and stored in the Moonsense Cloud.

Moonsense decouples metadata storage (part of Moonsense Cloud Control Plane) from granular sensor data storage (part of the Moonsense Cloud Data Plane). The Data Plane clusters are deployed in multiple regions around the world (US, Europe, India, Japan) and are solely responsible for receiving raw sensor data and storing it in regional data stores that use encryption. Data is never aggregated in a single global data store by design.

Granular sensor data retention is currently limited to the last 14 days. As a customer of Moonsense, if you need to retain data for a longer period of time you need to migrate it to a storage system that’s under your control or contact us to get on a paid plan.

It’s time to build what’s next

Understanding the world through sensors will enable us to build the technologies of our future and unlock a new wave of digital transformation backed by sophisticated artificial intelligence.

Acquiring data from a real-world activity that can be used to gain new insights and develop new apps is now one tap away using the Moonsense Recorder.

Install the Recorder and let’s build what’s next!