Moonsense Data Direct or Cloud

Two flexible deployment options to meet your security & compliance requirements

Moonsense Data Direct or Cloud

Two flexible deployment options to meet your security & compliance requirements

Moonsense Data Direct

Signals, Features and Source Data

Only with Moonsense Data Direct you gain access to actionable signals, features you can use for model training and the underlying source data. Everything is delivered directly from device to your application backend without any data sharing with a third party.

How It Works

Moonsense provides SDK's for Web, Android and iOS which are embedded into your applications. The SDK's acquire user behavior data, process it on the device or in the browser and sends it to your private, secure events ingest URL.

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Why It Matters

By gaining access to actionable signals, underlying source data and analytics, businesses can detect anomalous behavior without adding user friction.

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Source Data

The Moonsense SDK provides immediate access to user behavioral data describing digital body language.
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Moonsense Cloud

Global Infrastructure That Scales with Your Business

Moonsense Cloud makes acquiring access to Moonsense data and signals fast by providing a turn key solution for data ingest, data management and data orchestration.

Worldwide Data Ingestion

Moonsense takes a global yet localized approach to data ingestion. The sensor-based signals are routed and stored in several data ingestion regions around the world. With this architecture, we meet local data residency requirements and deliver reduced ingestion latency by taking advantage of proximity to end users.

Data Management from the Cloud

The Moonsense Console is a management portal where your team can access granular data with maximum control. It offers instant visibility into streaming data and real-time summary statistics. The Console is designed for multiple active projects and users at once, with access controls that can be applied based on corresponding roles within an organization.

Cloud Feature Store

Moonsense Cloud simplifies the use and management of machine learning features derived from mobile sensor data. We offer feature data served with low latency for real-time predictions, or with high throughput for scale-out batch scoring and model training.

User Network Intelligence

Granular visibility into the networks accessing your applications enhance fraud detection. Validation of operating systems, proxy detection, emulator detection, TLS fingerprinting/JA3 are important aspects of protection against attacks. Moonsense User Network Intelligence complements User Behavioral Intelligence to create a powerful fraud detection capability.

Why Moonsense

Infrastructure For Fraud Detection

A strong foundation for fraud detection requires user data ownership and baseline analytics capabilities. Risk scores and pre-built rules alone are insufficient to detect ever-changing fraud attacks. Companies are transitioning from end-to-end solution providers towards leveraging best-of-breed vendors.

Moonsense provides customers with a deep understanding of the user through visibility into digital body language and actionable signals while preserving user privacy, deployment flexibility and without adding any user friction.