From User Device to Enterprise Cloud

An advanced solution for risk data acquisition and management

From User Device to Enterprise Cloud

An advanced solution for risk data acquisition and management

Moonsense SDK

The standard library for mobile sensor data.

The Moonsense SDK provides simplified access to comprehensive mobile sensor data, from user device to secure, custom backend services.

How It Works

Acquire sensor data, manage it on device, extract features and securely move it to the cloud using a native mobile platform and web APIs through the Moonsense SDK.

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Why It Matters

Each user has unique behavior that can be used to verify their identity, flag unusual activity, or develop new apps. Even small actions cannot be easily replicated.

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Why Moonsense

Sensor-based behavioral data is an integral part of modern apps, from account security and analytics to customer journey refinement.

Moonsense is an enterprise solution built for developers. A seamless integration reduces time to market from months to days so your internal teams can focus on what matters. A rich feature set that supports complex use cases and privacy requirements sets organizations up for success.

Data types

The Moonsense SDK gives developers seamless access to physical environment and behavioral insights for building superior apps and services.
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Ambient Light




Device Orientation


Data Entry




Moonsense Cloud

Global Infrastructure That Scales for Your Business

As developers, we know the go-to-market rush and the imperative to focus on the success of the business. The Moonsense Cloud and its cross-platform toolset deliver comprehensive, relevant sensor data for app and service development so our customers can expedite delivery of a quality product to the marketplace.

Worldwide Data Ingestion

Moonsense takes a global yet localized approach to data ingestion. The sensor-based signals are routed and stored in several data ingestion regions around the world. With this architecture, we meet local data residency requirements and deliver reduced ingestion latency by taking advantage of proximity to end users.

Data Management from the Cloud

The Moonsense Console is a management portal where your team can access granular data with maximum control. It offers instant visibility into streaming data and real-time summary statistics. The Console is designed for multiple active projects and users at once, with access controls that can be applied based on corresponding roles within an organization.

Cloud Feature Store

Moonsense Cloud simplifies the use and management of machine learning features derived from mobile sensor data. We offer feature data served with low latency for real-time predictions, or with high throughput for scale-out batch scoring and model training.

Moonsense Cloud

Build Your Own Prototypes

Discover the potential of Moonsense by trying out the Moonsense Recorder mobile app. An example of how Moonsense solutions can be used to store, label, and process behavioral data, the app allows you to record signals ranging from location and accelerometer to touch events. We encourage interested individuals and teams to try it out and validate their results.