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One tap to collect data from the
sensors of your devices while
engaged in real-world activities.

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Explore how the devices we carry in our pockets can be used to characterize the motion of cars, airplanes and anything in between.

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Securely store & label recording sessions in the Moonsense Cloud. We help you understand the data through real-time summary statistics.

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Fraud & Risks

Go beyond digital and explore how you can anchor your risk & fraud models in the real-world for better performance.

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Connect your backend & data processing logic to deliver live prototypes that anyone in the organization can try.

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Explore how you can use sensor data from mobile devices to help people stay active, fit and happy.

Build Live Prototypes Faster

Environmental awareness for your apps & services

Moonsense lets you integrate apps and services with the physical world. The Moonsense Recorder is an easy to use application for Android & iOS mobile devices that allows you to record data from multiple sensors, store & label it for analysis and gives you the ability to build live prototypes faster.


Download the free Moonsense Recorder

Sensing and Understanding the World