Fraud & Risk

Behavioral biometrics to protect accounts and transactions

Identify customers using behavioral data with maximum control

Fighting fraud is a near-constant with new security vulnerabilities and data breaches happening daily. From identity theft to account takeover attacks, behavioral data is the best defense to understanding the human behind the device. Now, with Moonsense you can put that data directly in the hands of internal teams tasked with risk management and fraud detection to reduce risk and grow your business.

Identify Your Customers with Data

Moonsense provides internal teams with the most advanced sensor data, and the flexibility and control for the best outcomes. Each user's unique behavior patterns form a virtual signature, allowing risk teams to verify and authenticate device usage, account activity, and more.

Sensor-based device data can be used to determine if the user is engaging with your application in an expected manner. How quickly someone enters their password, how hard they press on a touch screen and style of swiping are all data points for identifying a user.

Design Your Own Scores

Eliminate the rigid pre-set scoring systems that are commonly associated with fraud and risk solutions. With Moonsense, you can determine how to score risk for accounts and transactions based on the behavioral data selected by your team.

Protect User Privacy

With Moonsense, you have the flexibility to manage and store data in compliance with your company's best practices and privacy standards. We support multiple deployment models, ranging from secure storage in the Moonsense Cloud to direct data transfer to your own internal systems.

Build What Matters

Data acquisition and related solutions require true heavy lifting (we would know). Resources lost to creating internal solutions—hiring, additional salary, significant person hours—all come at the expense of your priority projects and overall business.

Moonsense's real world perception capabilities are redefining possibilities for Bureau. The sensor data accelerates our real-time ability to fight fraud across industries and expands horizons for us.
Ranjan R Reddy, CEO of Bureau

Common Fraud & Risk Scenarios

Fraudulent online activities that can be successfully addressed using behavioral biometrics include Account Opening Fraud and Account Takeover attacks.

Account Takeover


An account takeover occurs when an attacker gains access to customer banking or payment information such as bank account details, credit card numbers, or e-commerce accounts. This is typically accomplished through stolen or leaked credentials, at scale.


Authenticate genuine users and flag fraudulent actors based on the historical behavioral data compiled in user profiles, such as mouse movements, typing cadence, device orientation and more.

Account Opening Fraud


Account opening fraud takes place when a bad actor steals fragments of information from various real individuals to create a composite “synthetic identity.” Because there is no one consumer victim to report a stolen identity, these synthetic accounts often go undetected.


Profile the behavior of legitimate users, based on signals including keystrokes, various touch events, and more, to flag malicious users or bot activity that lacks the expected human engagement.